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I love American Horror Story, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Disney, Legend of Korra, Game of Thrones, Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Merlin, Smallville, Supernatural, & the Vampire Diaries.

There are more, but, those are the top. Almost anything with a fantasy element (& an awesome bromance with strong female characters) I'll like.

You'll notice that I have a kink for tall men.

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Avatar: The Legend of Nickelodeon’s Marketing Nightmare




One of my favorite shows currently airing, is Avatar: Legend of Korra.  For those that are unaware of the genius that is this show, it is the follow up to the widely popular and acclaimed Avatar: The Last Airbender.  For those that are even more unaware, it went through production and marketing hell.


The first season of Korra aired to incredibly low ratings after going through a production where the number of episodes went through a dramatic shift.

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New clip from “After All These Years”. [x]


The first question shouldn’t be “are you taken” but “are you interested.”

Contrary to popular stank male belief, a woman being single doesn’t endow you with magical woman-getting properties.


Parineeti Chopra responds to a male reporter who claims to know nothing about periods (menstrual cycle). [X]


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Imagine the celebrity craze there must have been around when Ginny & Hermione became pregnant & when they gave birth?

We’re all aware of how lots of people in the world go nuts when actors, athletes, authors, etc. other celebrities become parents. Imagine what it must have been like for Harry & his friends :P

"She has natural grace, a very open personality, and a beautiful face and posture… She has already developed a perfect sense of Royal responsibility, she brings life, a delightful sense of humour, and joy into the room when she walks in." 

They looked to each other for ten years - now they have George